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The Dainty Dame

An Idiot’s Guide to Inequality

Unfortunately, equal opportunity is now a mirage. Indeed, researchers find that there is less economic mobility in America than in class-conscious Europe.”

Speakeasy Celebrates 17 Years of Beer

Yay for #Speakeasy & #goodbeer - excited to see a great company grow. 

Basically [we’re] rejecting a lot of the techniques that we know do work in terms of getting people to click as much as possible, read as much as possible, stay as much as possible.

Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and the rest of our social networks have trained us to respond to notifications like Pavlovian dogs. So we were surprised to hear Brian Bailey, creator of a new social network called Uncommon, isn’t out to get you addicted.

Read> Finally, A Social Network That Won’t Turn Us Into Addicts—But How Will It Thrive?

(via fastcompany)

(via fastcompany)

25 Business Books CMOs Are Reading This Year

The health hazards of sitting

Loving the new standing desk @billcom - Feeling healthier every day!

The Woman on Top of the World

What does the obsession with Beyoncé mean for America? What doesn’t it mean- good article;

Climate Change Doomed The Ancients

"climate change has been leading to global conflict — and even the collapse of civilizations — for more than 3,000 years."

Baby otter squeaks when introduced to water.

Just totally awesome & cute. #BabyOtter

Anthony Bourdain: How to Travel

Hang This In Your Kitchen. Seriously, This Idea Is Genius.

I might be lazy, but that doesn’t make this any less awesome.

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